Nidhi Dubey

Nidhi Dubey, Ph.D.


Thermoelectric materials can directly convert waste heat to electricity. Thermoelectric energy conversion is an important technique to save waste heat in our lives. Only inorganic thermoelectric materials such as Bi2Te3 have been researched and developed. Most of them are, however, hazardous to environment such as that 1) main elements are heavy metals, 2) synthesis energy of materials is high, 3) manufacturing energy of thermo-modules is high, 4) difficult to separate and recover. Polymers are characterized by light element system, abundant resources, low synthesis and production energy, and ease to separate and recover. These characteristics are superior to those of inorganic materials concerning to environmental burden. Conductive polymers are likely to realize environmentally conscious thermoelectric devices. The present problem is very low Seebeck coefficient as well as unstable electrical conductivity. In our group we have work to the synthesized new polymers based 2,7-carbazole units. These new polymers permit us to reach 19 mW.m-1.k-2 of power factor and very high electrical conductivity values up to 500 S/cm.

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Business Address

Université Laval, Department of Chemistry, Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon,
1045, avenue de la médecine, Bureau 2417, Québec, Qc, Canada G1V 0A6

T : (418) 656-2131 # 6242  |  E :

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Ph.D. Chemistry Nagpur University 2003-2008
M. Sc. Applied Chemistry Rajiv Gandhi Technical University 2000-2002
B. Sc. Chemistry Rani Durgawati University 1997-2000

Bilingual: Hindi (native language); English (Fluent)

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Scientific Knowledge

Characterization Techniques

  • Spectroscopy: FTIR, UV-Vis, Fluorescence, X-Rays, Atomic Absorption
  • Chromatography: GLC, HPLC, GC-MS
  • BET-SA analysis, BJH Analysis

General Knowledge

  • Development of novel photocatalyst materials (zeolites and mesoporous based) and their evaluation for methyl orange photo reduction, Water splitting for hydrogen generation and CO2 photo reduction.
  • Detailed characterization of the photocatalyst materials using XRD, FTIR, UV-VIS DRS and elemental analysis for structure elucidation, morphological characterization and compositional details of the photocatalytic material.
  • Design of photocatalytic systems for chemical reactions. Evaluation of photocatalytic activity of the material via photoreduction of methyl orange to hydrazine. Application of the efficient photocatalysts for water splitting to produce hydrogen that can be used as a fuel and photoreduction of carbon dioxide into value added products.
  • Isolation of value added products and their identification. Elucidation of kinetics and mechanistic aspects of photocatalytic reduction of CO2 using composite metallozeolites photocatalysts


Microsoft Office, EndNote, Adobe Acrobat
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Positions Held

Postdoctoral fellow
Department of Chemistry, Université Laval | 2008 – Present

  • To synthesise conjugated polymeric materials with promising thermoelectric properties.
  • Investigation of thermoelectric properties of conducting polymers in order to develop new thermoelectric device.

CSIR Senior Research Fellow
Environmental Materials Unit, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute(NEERI) - Nagpur(MS)India | 2006 –2007

  • To develop efficient metallozeolite photocatalysts for water splitting
    and CO2 photoreduction
  • Characterisation of photocatalysts-Evaluation of photocatalysts for their photoreduction property

CSIR Diamond Jubilee Research Intern
Environmental Materials Unit, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute(NEERI) - Nagpur(MS)India | 2004 –2006

  • To develop zeolite and mesoporous based chlorophyll encapsulated material
  • Synthesis of mesoporus materials-Isolation of chlorophyll

Project Fellow
Environmental Materials Unit, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute(NEERI) - Nagpur(MS)India | 2003 –2004

  • To develop zeolite based photocatalyst materials for artificial photosynthesis reaction
  • Designing of reactor for photocatalytic experiments

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Scholarship And Awards

  • Reviewer for International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Elsevier Journal).
  • Recipient of Senior Research Fellowship in 2006 by the Council for Scientific and Industrial     Research (CSIR), New Delhi.
  • Recipient of Diamond Jubilee Research Internship Award in 2004 by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, CSIR laboratory.
  • Recipient of University Gold Medal in the Faculty of Applied Chemistry in the Year 2002.

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1. Sapre JS, Rayalu SS, Meshram SU, Dubey N, Kumar P, Munshi KN (2005). ‘Characterization, Structural Identification and Environmental Applications of Flyash Based Zeolite’, Asian Journal of Chemistry, Vol.17 (1), 2005, 171-82.
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4. S.S. Rayalu, Nidhi Dubey, NK Labhsetwar, S Devotta “Hydrogen Evolution by Water Splitting under Visible Light Using Novel Composite Zeolite Based Photocatalyst” Invited lecture in the International Workshop on Hydrogen Energy, organised by the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur held from November 5-9 2006 at Jaipur, India

3. Nidhi Dubey, S Rayalu, NK Labhsetwar, S Devotta “Hydrogen Evolution from water using Novel Zeolite based Photocatalyst.” Proceedings of the Division of Petroleum Chemistry, 231st ACS National Meeting held at Atlanta, GA, USA, from 26-30 March 2006.

2. S Rayalu, Nidhi Dubey, NK Labhsetwar, S Devotta. “Novel Zeolite based photocatalyst for water splitting in visible light”. Proceedings of the International Symposium on photocatalysis for Energy, Environment and Chemical Industries held at Udaipur, India from 14-15 Dec2005.

1. Nidhi Dubey, S.S Rayalu, N.K. Labhsetwar, S. Devotta. “Visibly active new zeolite based photocatyalysts for hydrogen generation.” Proceedings of the XIII Refinery Technology Meet (RTM) held at Hyderabad, India during Nov. 14-16 2005.
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2. 17th National Symposium on Catalysis 18-20 January 2005 organized by Catalysis Society of India, held at Central Salt& Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar, India.

1. Second NEERI-NIMS Workshop on ‘Emerging Materials for Environmental Applications’ organized at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) Nagpur, India
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Poster Presentations

1. S.S. Rayalu, Nidhi Dubey, NK Labhsetwar, S Devotta “Zeolite based composite photocatalyst for water splitting reaction”. Poster presentation in the International Symposium on Zeolites and Microporous crystals to be held from July30-August 2, 2006 in Yonago, Totton Prefecture, Japan.
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