Thierry Ollevier

Welcome to the website of the research group led by Professor Thierry Ollevier. The Ollevier group's research is focused on green synthetic organic chemistry and particularly on catalytic organometallic chemistry.

Research in the Ollevier Group is centered on the field of organic synthesis and catalysis. We are inspired by the pursuit of new concepts in synthetic organic chemistry involving metal-mediated catalysis and asymmetric synthesis. Please visit our Publications page to see our latest work or scroll down to view highlights of the various areas of research we are currently engaged in.

Over the years, our laboratory has assumed a strong leadership in green Lewis acid catalysts and diazo chemistry. Recently, we developed efficient enantioselective processes using new green catalysts. We set up general applications and a broad scope for new classes of Bi and Fe chiral catalysts. We have established versatile uses for Fe catalysts in the asymmetric Mukaiyama aldol reaction and the asymmetric epoxide-opening reaction. It leads to major advances for academia and industry since rapid and efficient access to various classes of important building blocks is established.


Ph.D. position

One Research associate position is opened, to start in January 2024. Send curriculum vitae, transcripts and motivation letter by email.

Ph.D. defense

Congratulations to Samuel for his Ph.D. defense!


Congratulations to Anastasiia, Daria, Mariia and Oleksii for their Mitacs undergraduate scholarships for the winter session 2023!


Congratulations to Samuel on his article "Fluorine in metal-catalyzed asymmetric transformations: the lightest halogen causing a massive effect" accepted in Chemical Science!

Thierry Ollevier

Thierry Ollevier

Département de Chimie
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
Université Laval
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