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From left to right: Michèle Auger, Blaise the mascot, Thierry Lefèvre, Benjamin Martial, Gabrielle Raiche-Marcoux, Koralie Mélançon and Jane Gagné.

The main objective of our research program is to understand the relationship between the structure, dynamics and interactions of different macromolecules of biological interest. More specifically, our research interests are related to the study of proteins and peptides with antimicrobial character, of amyloid peptides and of silk proteins. These systems are investigated in our laboratory by a combination of novel approaches in solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Complementary results are also obtained by solution-state NMR, infrared, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopies.


Our group is member of the Research Center PROTEO (Regroupement stratégique sur la fonction, la structure et l’ingénierie des protéines) and CQMF (Centre québécois sur les matériaux fonctionnels), as well as of CERMA (Centre de recherche sur les matériaux avancés) at Université Laval. It is also a member of the Biophysical Society of Canada.