February 23, 2024

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NuChem Sciences

Thank you to all our sponsors without whom this event couldn't take place.


Here are the exhibitors that will be present during the day


OmegaChem is a Canadian manufacturing company that specializes in fine chemicals by offering innovative products and services to the pharmaceutical industry. Its mission is to develop, manufacture, and distribute high value-added organic synthesis products to its customers.

Syneos Health

Syneos Health® is a leading fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization built to accelerate customer success. We translate unique clinical, medical affairs and commercial insights into outcomes to address modern market realities.


H2Lab is proud to evolve in more than 60 certification fields allowing it to provide its customers with a complete range of analyses that comply with regulatory requirements. Our equipment and our experienced employees will provide you with high quality microbiological and physico-chemical analysis results.

Santai Science Inc.

Santai Science is a sister company of Santai Technologies founded in 2018. Based in Montreal, Canada, Santai Science is responsible for the development and the manufacture of separation and purification tools and services for local and international markets. Santai Technologies is a technology company founded in 2004 and focused on developing separation and purification tools and services for professionals and scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemicals, natural products and petrochemical industries.


Katanax was founded at the beginning of year 2002 by three men of vision and knowledge. All had worked in the analytical fusion arena with Dr. Fernand Claisse for a total of 15 years, and all cherished the same dream: to design and make the ultimate fusion machine, to support analytical laboratories in their quest for safety, efficiency and accuracy.

Rio Tinto

We work in 35 countries – in mines, smelters and refineries, as well as in sales offices, data centres, research and development labs and with artificial intelligence. Our geologists explore the Earth’s wildest terrain. Our wildlife specialists work to protect and conserve grizzly bears in Canada and migratory shorebirds in Western Australia. Our marketing teams make sure our essential materials meet the specific needs of customers around the world. And we are home to one of the world’s largest robots and maybe one of the smallest – we call him Mark.


Kemitek’s mission is to help organizations to innovate in the fields of sustainable chemistry, green chemistry and process scale-up, while actively contributing to the continued existence of a regional centre of excellence of international reach.

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC). Our mission is at the heart of key challenges: quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Through our wide range of expertise, impartiality, and independence, we foster confidence between companies, public authorities, and clients

Malvern Panalytical

We are Malvern Panalytical. We're BIG on small. We are here to unleash the power of very small things, to make big things happen. Our technologies enable our customers to create a better world. Improving everything from the energies that power us and the materials we build with, to the medicines that cure us and the foods we enjoy.


SOPREMA is an international manufacturer specializing in the production of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and vegetated solutions for the roofing, building envelope and civil engineering sectors. Founded in 1908 in Strasbourg, France, SOPREMA now operates in over 90 countries.

Agnico Eagle

Agnico Eagle is a senior Canadian gold mining company, producing precious metals from operations in Canada, Australia, Finland and Mexico. It has a pipeline of high-quality exploration and development projects in these countries as well as in the United States and Colombia. Agnico Eagle is a partner of choice within the mining industry, recognized globally for its leading environmental, social and governance practices. The Company was founded in 1957 and has consistently created value for its shareholders, declaring a cash dividend every year since 1983.

Ordre des Chimistes du Québec

Fondé en 1926, l’Ordre des chimistes du Québec (Ordre) est l’ordre professionnel qui encadre l’exercice de la chimie, une profession d’exercice exclusif, omniprésente dans la vie des Québécois. L’Ordre a pour principale fonction et finalité d’assurer la protection du public, notamment en contrôlant l’exercice de la profession par ses membres, et d’assurer une surveillance générale sur l’exercice de la chimie au Québec.

Chemistry Departement Université Laval

Comptant 100 ans d’histoire, notre département est actif dans de nombreux domaines de recherche de pointe, dont la chimie organique et médicinale, l’analyse environnementale, la chimie des matériaux, la synthèse organique, la chimie supramoléculaire, la biophysique des membranes, l’analyse chimique ultrasensible par spectroscopie laser, la chimie théorique et la dynamique moléculaire, la chimie des surfaces et interfaces, la spectroscopie. La qualité de la recherche au département est excellente comme en font foi le haut niveau de financement, le nombre élevé de publications scientifiques ainsi que les nombreux prix et distinctions obtenus par nos professeurs. Plusieurs d’entre eux sont membres de regroupements de recherche reconnus. De plus, nous possédons un parc d'équipements scientifiques sophistiqués et d'excellentes infrastructures de recherche.

Ultium Cam

Ultium CAM is a joint venture between POSCO FUTURE MATERIALS CANADA INC. and GM CANADA. Located in Becancour, Quebec, Canada, we specialize in battery materials, focusing primarily on cathode active materials, essential for Lithium Ion batteries.


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