Chemical Communications, 2019, 55, 7434–7437.

Total synthesis and antimalarial activity of mortiamides A–D

Christopher BÉrubÉ, Dominic Gagnon, Alexandre Borgia, Dave Richard, and Normand Voyer


Mortiamides A–D (1–4) are head-to-tail cyclic heptapeptides that were identified from a novel Mortierella sp. isolate obtained from marine sediments from Northern Canada. Herein we report the first total synthesis of mortiamides A–D (1–4) on a solid support by concomitant cyclization/cleavage without any oligomerization side reactions, and overall yields up to 48%. We also report on the antiplasmodial activity of mortiamides A–D (1–4). We show that three out of the four tested mortiamides (A, B and D) have moderate antiplasmodial activity, while mortiamide D (4) exhibits low micromolar activity.

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